Seattle Sports & Therapeutic Massage


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped...


"Brandi is honestly amazing.  She not only made me feel totally pampered, but she completely got rid of my back pain too!  I loved the hot stone massage & already booked my next one."  Dana V.  (Bothell, WA)


"I am floored at how much she helped my broken wrist!  She helped get rid of the swelling and bruising in the beginning, and then helped me get my range of motion back when it healed more.  Plus, she always showed me stuff I could do at home too.  My doctor said that what she did probably cut my healing time in half!"  Sarah A.  (Bothell, WA) 


"It's amazing what a difference it made in my training.  My legs recovered faster from my training climbs which allowed me to push my workouts even harder.  I have never felt as good getting to the summit of a mountain as I have since Brandi started working on me!"   Don A.  (Seattle, WA)


" stone massage!  It was like a mini-vacation!"   Ann L.  (Bothell, WA)